City festival - Stadtfest

Würzburg's city festival usually takes place in the middle of September, mostly on the weekend after the summer holidays. It´s a great attraction and it is a must for teenagers. During the day, you can walk through the city, have a crêpe, a coffee, a drink or a snack and watch different dance or music performances on different stages all over the city-centre. Some shops present a special programme during these days, for example fashion shows on a catwalk or games for kids. At night there's a fantastic atmosphere in the city-centre and you'll have the opportunity to listen to regional, national and even international bands or singers.

Location: city centre

Stadtfest Stadtfest

Street music festival - Straßemusik Festival

Würzburg's street music festival, called "Stramu", is Europe's biggest stage-free street music festival. with many artists from all parts of the world. At this event, a lot of different talents are featured, like rope-runners, fire-artists, jongleurs or dancers!
Location: City Centre

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