by Onat Kurnaz

Falkenhaus Neumünster is an ancient collegiate church. It's located on the area where the Irish missionary bishop Kilian his companions Kolonat and Totnan died. On the left you can see a dome, decorated with lanterns and on the right there is a Romanesque basilica. The building was constructed in 1060. The main function of Neumünster is to remind of the three apostles Kilian, Kolonat and Totnan, who came from Ireland in order to spread Christian Faith in Franconia at the end of the 7th century. However they did not have a very happy life here in Würzburg because they were killed. It is said that Kilian eventually told the local Duke Gosbert that he violated Church law because he married his brother's widow, Geilana. When Geilana, whom Kilian had failed to convert to Christianity, heard of Kilian's words against her marriage, she got so angry that she had her soldiers sent to the main square of Würzburg, where Kilian and his colleagues were praying, and had him beheaded, along with two of his companions Kolonat and Totnan. So the three Irish apostles only wanted to serve God and the Church, but were killed. But they are treated as martyrs and Kilian is the patron saint of Würzburg. In the basement of Neumünster there is the grave of Kilian where supposedly the corpses of the three Irish missionaries lie. In the centre of the grave there is the shrine of Kilian which was built during the epoch of the Baroque. In 1945 this church was completely destroyed because of the airstrikes at the end of World War II. After the war the reconstruction began in 1950 and now it is a cathedral church where you can attend church service.

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