by Marie Fröhlich

The Lusamgärtchen of Würzburg is located at the northern side of the 'Neumünster' in the ancient courtyard of the cloister. You can see 16 arcades with a variatation of different artistical pillars. Every pillar has a unique style and so none of them looks the same. Legend says that in the middle of this square a poet's grave existed- the grave of the famous artist Walther von-der-Vogelweide who died in the year 1230. He was a love-poet and minnesinger. His body was buried in the Lusamgärtchen, but the grave was probably removed in the 18th century because of construction works. His last name "von der Vogelweide" can be translated with meadow or grazing land for birds. Therefore it is said that his last wish was that birds should be fed on his grave, so four bowles for bird food and water were put on it. In 1930 the city administration constructed a memorial at the place they assumed his corpse. Today this is a memorial for people with unhappy relationships. People believe that if you put down flowers on it, Walther von der Vogelweide will heal their lovesickness. Apparently there are many people in Würzburg with broken hearts that's why the grave is always covered with flowers ;)


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