by Desideria Somma

On the marketplace you can see the Falkenhaus or house of falcon. It was built in the 18th century and bought by Franz Thomas Meißner in 1735. After his death, his wife had the front decorated in Rococo style in the years 1751-1760. This style was rather unsusual for the citizens of Würzburg because they were used to the refined Baroque architecture of Balthasar Neuman, the famous master builder of the Würzburg Residence Palace. The function of the building at that time was a hotel, a concert and dance hall. Today you can see the façade as it was in the past - unfortunately the house burnt totally down in the second World War because of the bombing raid. So most parts of the house were completely destroyed, but due to the central position of the building at the market square the building authorities under the direction of the master builder Rudolf Schlick decided to rebuild the House of Falcon in the original style. The restauration took several years and with the help of old photographies it could be finished in the year 1952. Today you can find the tourist information inside and the public library. If you want to relax after an exhausting city tour, you can sit down there and have a cup of coffee. You will find a great selection of English books, magazines and newspapers.



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