by Cordula Drach

Brunnen The Vierröhrenbrunnen is the most famous fountain of Würzburg. The look is typical of the baroque style. It is situated in the heart of Würzburg, right in front of the Town Hall. It is a popular meeting point of everybody. You can see dolphins on the four sites. A legend says that on special happenings in the past, for example the visit of the King, the dolphins were not spitting water, but wine. So if you want you can hold your hands under the mouth of the dolphins and give it a try. Above the dolphins, you can see the four cardinal virtues: That is Prudence, Temperance, Courage and Justice as you can see at the scales in her hand. The virtue figures are a copy of the original figures that you can see in the Main Franken Museum. Above them there is the adorned Obelisk, with the figure of Franconia.

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