Guided City Tour

We want to present you twelve of the most important sightseeing spots in Würzburg. If you click on the texts, you will find more information about it.


Falkenhaus On the marketplace you can see the Falkenhaus (house of the falcon). It was built in the 18th century and bought by Franz Thomas Meißner in 1735. After his death, his wife had the front decorated in Rococo style in the years 1751-1760.


Lusamgarten Lusam-Gärtchen of Würzburg located at the northern side of the 'Neumünster' in the ancient courtyard of the cloister. You can see 16 arcades with a varitation of different artistical pillars. Every pillar has a unique style and so none of them looks the same.


Marienkapelle St Mary's chapel at Würzburg Market Square is really worth seeing. Very remarkable about this church is the elaborate ornamentation, especially in the arches of the doorways. At the southern entrance you can see the very famous figures of Adam and Eve made by Tilman Riemenschneider in the year 1493.


Neumünster Neumünster is an ancient collegiate church. It's located on the area where the Irish missionary bishop Kilian his companions Kolonat and Totnan died. On the left you can see a dome, decorated with lanterns and on the right there is a romanesque basilica. The building was constructed in 1060.

Alte Mainbrücke

Old Main Bridge The old main bridge now which is one of the most popular landmarks in Würzburg. It connects the old town of Würzburg with the quarter of the river Main and the hill on which Fortress Marienberg is located.

Dom St. Kilian

Foto of the Cathedral If you stand in front of Würzburg's most impressive cathedral, it is worth to take alook at the portal door, the main entrance of the cathedral. The door was designed by Fritz Koenig between 1964-1967, he is a famous sculptor who also designed a very famous work of art "The Sphere", which once stood in the plaza between the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York.

Statue - The "Sitting man"

sitting man Behind Dom St.Kilian you can see an iron statue of a sitting man on the stairs who is said to be a victim of bureaucracy and here you will learn why. Well, the museum you can see on your left was rebuilt some years ago and so was the square we are standing on because one thought that if you already have a building site downtown, you should take the opportunity to renew this square as well.


Falkenhaus Inside the Town hall you can see memorial of war, which reminds us of the heavy bomb raid of Würzburg on the 16th March 1945. The major attack was run in three waves and started at 9.25 pm and ended at 9.42 pm. The first wave marked the targets, he second threw heavy bombs in order to destroy the roofs, and in the third wave 300.000 stick bombs were dropped.


Falkenhaus The Vierröhrenbrunnen is the most famous fountain of Würzburg. The look is typical of the baroque style. It is situated in the heart of Würzburg, right in front of the Town Hall. It is a popular meeting point of everybody.

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