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  1. Airport
  2. Das Boot
  3. Zauberberg
  4. Odeon Lounge
  5. tirili!

Disco: Airport

In this club you can enjoy music from pop to techno at the same time because you have different areas called "terminals".
It has also cheap prices and special events like "Powerfriday". On that day you pay for one drink ang get one free!
Other specials are end-of-schoolyear-parties or nights with special DJs. But you have to be 16 years old to enter (till 0:00 o'clock) and if you are 18 you are allowed to stay all night long...

Gattingerstraße 17
97076 Würzburg

Airport Logo

Disco: Das Boot

This club has one of the best locations in Würzburg because it´s situated on a boat on the river Main and so the people get a special feeling. You can also enjoy good music and have a nice drink which is not too expensive. They offer special events like student or motto parties (for example "Depeche Mode nights") - so it is always fun to be there.

Das Boot
Veitshöchheimerstraße 14
97080 Würzburg

Das Boot

Disco: Zauberberg

This club has a very nice flair and offers a various programme like Reggae nights, "Oktoberfest" parties, dancehallnights and much more. The cost- benefit ratio is very good so you get good drinks for little money. In summer you can enjoy your time in the "Zaubergarten" - the beergarden in the beautiful backyard.

Veitshöchheimerstraße 20
97080 Würzburg

Zauberberg Logo

Disco: Odeon Lounge

The Odeon Lounge is an important part of the nightlife in Würzburg and it is the right location for stylish party lovers! Hot DJs, fantastic cocktails and the elegant+trendy interior of the Lounge guarantee an unforgettable evening.

Augustinerstraße 18
97070 Würzburg

Odeon Logo

Disco: tirili!

Tirili is a nice location where you can enjoy every kind of music. Cheap prices and a special location makes it to one of the best places for students and partylovers.

Am Exerzierplatz
97072 Würzburg


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